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Production Waste

A purity of production waste is defined on the application , thus the secondary raw material can also be high-quality recycling is available. Production waste incurred in the following forms : an injection molding sprues , missing moldings , trim , start-up lumps. From factory material point of view we speak rather of production residues as waste .
It must have the following two conditions are scrupulously respected for our suppliers to acquisitions of production residues :

  • The production residues to be recycled shall be obtained from a stable , homogeneous material specific process .
  • Only under this condition , the material has the opportunity for a second time can be processed because the specified characteristics are defined .
  • In manufacturing companies are moving forward on special situations . One speaks in injection molding , for example, from start-up phases , breaks , machine defects , Werkzeugausprobe , residual material from the plasticizing .
  • The polymeric material is sensitive to any non- processing equitable change . Especially higher temperatures and longer residence times in the processing machine ,
  • and higher screw speeds and high dynamic pressure damage the macromolecules sustainable. These things must be named in material offers as oxidations and / or banned goods are worth .


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